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  • Instant C&E Parts Supply, Anytime, Anywhere, Without Contracts

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About K-Nab Aviation Solutions

Aircraft spare parts supply…

At K-Nab, We’re totally flexible, and proud of it. We solve problems every day, and experience has taught us that we find the best solutions when we explore every possibility.

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Strong in critical parts

Highly efficient supply concepts. Size doesn’t matter: Even the tiniest missing part can ground the largest aircraft. That’s why we devote particular attention to consumables and expendables (C&E).

We offer you three different integration levels for the supply of these small but critical parts to choose from – ranging from ad-hoc supply to comprehensive and integrated C&E solutions. 

Speedy Supply without Contract

Do you need material right now or maybe just one piece? We will supply you with the required C&E part immediately – you don’t need to commit to a contract with K-Nab.

If you suffer an AOG because of a missing consumable or expendable just call our AOG materials desk and our expert sales team ensures 24/7 the supply of the material you need.

Your K-Nab benefits

Why do our customers trust us to deliver?

  • Simple and efficient approach
  • Realistic solutions that meet critical timelines
  • Global support
  • Highly knowledgeable in all aspects of import and export control
  • In-depth understanding of hazardous goods regulations and customs procedures

Our years of expertise mean we can predict and avoid the frustrating hindrances or delays in transit that can have such a knock-on effect for our customers.

Your K-Nab benefits

Forget about the little things

Comprehensive support for the supply of aftermarket aircraft parts and components across the globe.

The right part, in the right place, at the right time, for the right price. This is the essence of our aircraft parts and components supply service. And for every job we undertake, big or small, we work to deliver.

Using our portfolio of approved suppliers and partners, as well as components from our own inventory, we deliver cost-effective and timely solutions to our customers.

We source aircraft spare parts straight from the OEMs, or from the aftermarket, for all commercial aircraft types, including Boeing, Airbus, ATR and Embraer. We offer solutions for:

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